this game is annoying, disappointing and simply a bad joke.

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3 years ago#1
first of all, i want to congratulate anyone else who put up with this crappy game and sat through with it all the way to the ending. bravo.
that being said, i'll try to keep this post as short as possible.
of all the tales games i've played (symphonia 1&2, legendia, abyss and vesperia), this one takes the cake when it comes to being the worst. it's failure and disappointment reached higher levels than i had anticipated =/
and what i mean by that is, i know that i'm going to be annoyed with a tales game by the end of it, but in long run i "do" enjoy the experience to some extent.

now, PART of the reason why i'm hating on this game so much is because of jrpg fatigue. you know how jrpg games can suffer from bad translations and/or horrible voice acting? well, i think i've finally reached my limit with all of that. i can no longer tolerate those japanese archetypes (wild energetic types, soft talkers, main characters that win by believing and being really optimistic, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc....).
but anyway, as i said, i'll try and keep this as short as possible. on to the bullet points~

invisible walls - one of the first things i notice is how picky this game can be when it comes to exploring the map. you're subjugated to such a narrow space on an already narrow road. the paths you walk on might as well have had brick walls around them...

pascal - worst tales character, next to anise from abyss. i don't even want to start with her. she was a HUGE reason why i disliked this game.

character design - i don't mind a unique approach to wardrobe when the characters are from a different world, but some choices just pissed me off. like why does cheria go running around in a SKIRT??? she's constantly on the battlefield healing people. wear something more appropriate, moron. and WHY, WHY WHY WHY for the love of god is sophie wearing her hair like a generic pigtailed loli? **** man, these japanese stereotypes are REALLY stupid. but hey, i guess i can't get mad because that's what this games is pretty much about, no?

backtracking - one thing that i enjoyed from some of the other previous tales games was the exploring of new areas. this game has you Constantly going back and forth... and then back and forth again to the same ugly areas. it got old REAL fast.

map - still no free camera. look at how outdated this series has become. even when it was released on the wii. namco is only concerned with pumping out these titles as fast as they can so the japanese people can eat it right up and not even bother to complain about its' faults. the only games iv'e never had fixed camera problems with were from the god of war series. here, i'm constantly running from each point of an area just to see if there's a chest available. it's a WASTE OF TIME. if i had control over the camera, i wouldn't have to do stupid **** like that. jesus...
besides the camera, the layout of the map sucks too. it's just... weak.... like there was barely any thought put into it.

dialogue/voices - mentioned this already, so i'll refrain from beating a dead horse. i will say this though. sometime halfway through the game, i started using that mute button on my tv remote... yea... real handy, that button. hell, by about 75% of the way through the game, i just started skipping every single scene except the main ones (like the ending). it's much easier on my temper and patience.
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3 years ago#2
sp carrying over - one thing i never understood was how they gave you the option to set what rank each character can level their titles too. it works, but there's a serious flaw (yes, i say it's a FLAW) in the system. let's say a character needs 100sp for the final rank, but you don't know this before heading into a battle. you win, earn 1000sp and your character learns the final skill. 900 of that sp goes into the "master" level of rank. who the **** seriously wants that?? there's only a handful of titles with worthwhile master ranks. it would've been MUCH better if there was an option to transfer that extra sp over into ANOTHER title. seriously, what a flaw.

puzzles/dungeons - most of the time i didn't have a problem with them because they were extremely easy to get through, but later on they're just ridiculous. all they consist of is allot of travel back and forth between different floors and zones. really? is that what it's come to now? how pathetic. i ended up using the guides online. i'm not gonna waste my time running around those crappy looking dungeons like a headless chicken.

yea.... there are several other things i could mention and nitpick on, but i think i've gotten my point across. when it comes down to it, i really feel like this game was a huge disappointment. i suckered myself into buying it and now, i've felt like i've wasted my hard earned money. when i bought vesperia, it was several years after the original release. that was a better game and i only paid $20 for it. worth it in my book. this game though? hell no.
it's a shame, as there are some cool aspects to it, like the battle system.

this is the final tales game i'll ever play. i said these same words after vesperia, but now, i'm certain of it. my taste in games have changed over the years and at this point i just can't stand most jrpgs. it saddens me so, since i grew up playing them =(
as tempting as xillia looks, just listening to the characters in some of those trailers urks me. especially that purple handbag thing. What The **** is up with that voice??? can you image that translated over into english????????? oh yea..... and on that note, this is where i sign off.
impatiently waiting on versus xiii...
EDIT: not so much anymore... (4/28/11)
3 years ago#3
This made me cry. ;m;
But no I don't hate you, this game isn't well liked and I can see why.

3 years ago#4
Looks like the game simply wasn't for you. I applaud you for being blunt in the face of what will undoubtedly be a wave of backlash.

Hope you enjoy whatever you pick up next.
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3 years ago#5

well thats your opinion. I really enjoyed the cast and the game. Especially pascal. The battle system was just so dam good in this game.

3 years ago#6
finalfantasy94 posted...
well thats your opinion. I really enjoyed the cast and the game. Especially pascal. The battle system was just so dam good in this game.
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3 years ago#7
Different strokes for different folks.
3 years ago#8
Some of your complaints are rather silly reasons to dislike a game IMO, like Pascal and Chara.Design. While this has no free camera, I was never bothered by the fixed camera as well. The SP... Well, that is why you need to be smart and check your titles and its effects before going into boss battles. Not to mention , if you're playing on Evil or above (which makes the game much more challenging and fun) getting 1000 SP per battle against common mobs isn't that hard, which will let you learn a lot of skills VERY fast.

Other than that I respect your opinion, as much as I like this game, it isn't for everyone. I myself like cliche JRPG stories packed with a great battle system, because that's exactly the classic JRPG type we're missing this gen.
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3 years ago#9
Opinions...but the game has its moments.

Inomata`s work is simply not being recognized here in NA...At least she draws ears better than Fujishima (those spiral ears XD)
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3 years ago#10
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
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