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3 years ago#1
How do I get past the roper boss? All my characters are around lvl 110 and this thing is giving me more trouble than I think it should. It does about 3000 damage per combo and this is on normal. Any suggestions?
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3 years ago#2
Check its stats for a laugh. It has much less P.Def than it does C.Def but of course that means for most characters you need to risk getting close-in with it. Just play the keepaway game with the longest ranged artes you have?
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3 years ago#3
just play keep away and poke it with long ranged attacks and wait until it self destructs
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3 years ago#4
I beat this with cheria and just stay out of range.
3 years ago#5
If you're just looking to win, set it down to easy. I beat the F Arc Master CLass at level 70 on easy.

But geez, even at 160 on Chaos that thing kills me in one hit! Over 10k damage with one long range poke!
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3 years ago#6
I just cos-played as Malik and kept it away with a-artes and combo-ed in Frigid coffin or culling flare.
If you use Richard just end his a-arte combo with rising phoenix and chain in vengeant(sp? since it's not a real word) Fang. This keeps you at a safe distance after the combo so it's easy to repeat.
Best character imo, is Pascal she can easily just pump up her patk with either enflame or assault sign and blast the roper away. My Pascal on evil was doing about 3k per hit(based off of first hit doing 3.2k-ish).
These are just my opinions on what you can do against it. That slime floor is actually a really good sp farming spot too I usually net about 5k sp.
3 years ago#7
Ahh, I remember my first time battling that thing. I totally got raped because I was using Malik and he has such crap defence. Also, I didn't know that the thing was way stronger than all the other monsters in riot peak. Just stay as far away from it as possible, and kill off the other slimes that spawns around it. After that, just 1v1 it while being cautious.
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