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Just came back to this game, I'm confused (late game spoilers, lvl 52l (Archived)Hawkssss57/3 9:35AM
How does learning skills work when using a narikiri doll? (Archived)Puppyfaic27/3 1:23AM
title level question (Archived)fuzzyfish87/1 7:59PM
+500 and +1000 eleth DLC question (Archived)Recino36/28 5:18PM
Eleth Mixer Important Question (Archived)ZeroShift7936/28 1:23PM
Just played for the first time; this ISN'T considered one of the top RPGs ever?! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
toomanymouths126/28 12:11AM
Final boss of main story on chaos (spoilers) (Archived)FlyinTonite46/27 5:17PM
Tales sale on UK PSN store (Archived)Delta12345678916/26 3:07AM
About future arc abilities (minor spoilers) (Archived)kypdjk12336/20 11:03AM
Am I overpowered? (Archived)AngelosTheHero26/19 4:24PM
Changing characters in battle (Archived)kazuho9166/17 4:10PM
Question about Chaos mode and L&L's Last Boss (Archived)Marcus_Storm36/15 10:22AM
Just got this game. My first Tales game, anything I should know going in? (Archived)YonKitoTaoshibe56/15 3:26AM
so, about the higher difficulties... (Archived)Oinotnaaa76/14 10:18AM
SP Question (Archived)ZeroShift7936/12 12:18PM
Learning curve question. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bennehftw146/4 11:29AM
White Wishes *SPOILERS* (Archived)AngelosTheHero36/2 12:41PM
don't know why i ignored this game for so long.. (Archived)moogle69106/1 11:34AM
Veteran players, please share your experience, can I revisit Gradia Shaft... (Archived)xiahoudun_wb55/30 1:49PM
Finally got around to playing the game! (Archived)draffut85/24 8:49PM
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