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And another fantastic experience ends. (There will be alot of spoilers.) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
LordofFlames792/19 2:30AM
Comparing Tales (Archived)Hiatos102/18 10:56PM
Wallbridge Ruins... (Archived)Adamanttg22/16 10:26PM
cant beat lambda theos on 1st playthrough normal.. should i just try on new game (Archived)thelostkin22/16 12:32PM
Tales of Graces ( new game +) you done **** up now exp trade for gald (Archived)sincolas22/15 1:22AM
Attributes for hidden Mystic Artes? (Archived)Algernon22/14 6:40PM
no EXP Chaos run possible? (Archived)Algernon32/14 4:57PM
Yuri Costume battle theme (Archived)AcidRain198642/13 2:05PM
So I think I sold Cheria's Vestment (Archived)Shalalu52/13 9:58AM
childhood arc (Archived)Thunder-God-Cid32/12 1:07PM
Strahtan Cactus + Syrup Bottle = Panacea Bottle? (Archived)Lockheart3422/10 5:23PM
Is Chaos easier than Evil? (Archived)Algernon72/9 8:14PM
Shards become rarer as game moves on? (Archived)aarelovich82/9 12:23PM
Do you have to dualize equipment to beat this game? (Archived)Rasengan_Sana52/7 5:41PM
How determined would somebody need to be to grind to lvl 200 at Lhant Hill? (Archived)MegaRamza82/7 5:35PM
Which is a fun character to main? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
CodyTwoHottie192/7 5:17PM
This happen to anyone else? (Archived)Red-Mage32/7 9:20AM
Is everyone in this game stupid or...? *spoilers* (Archived)triickstar82/6 5:15PM
Are these good weapons to dualize to 99? (Archived)TylersTime42/5 9:12PM
10x damage run, Need help ! (Archived)XilliaFanGirl22/5 5:29PM
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