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Do shards like Saint and Slayer drop? (Archived)Village Idiot24/10/2012
"Protect teammates" strategy option (Archived)esoterika24/10/2012
Uh oh.... (Archived)Rosen068454/10/2012
Forbrawyvern (Spoilers) (Archived)VirusChris74/10/2012
Malik's final b arte (Archived)
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how to progress in dualizing and weapon upgrades? (Archived)esoterika74/10/2012
One costume that should be DLC (Huge f arc ending spoilers!!!) (Archived)Sponge713754/10/2012
Does Pascal's Harold costume DLC have the same battle music as the preorder dlc? (Archived)duality4864/10/2012
Question (Archived)Yushimi54/10/2012
I started the game on a new PS3, but will the trophies carry over to my account? (Archived)OmarLexus44/10/2012
question on changing the difficulty. (Archived)Burning_Arm234/10/2012
My wallet is crying after today's DLC and other PSN store items... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Quick question on Tempering (Archived)Mystearical54/10/2012
I just cleared the toughest boss in the game *spoilers* (Archived)negi_magician74/10/2012
Namco joins in crossover project (Archived)
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I'm in the future arc and might need elixers for the final boss (Archived)jumpkid3224/10/2012
Fendel Tower problem giving four different gel to four different people. (Archived)
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First, I take out a Peach Gel. (Archived)Super Slash34/10/2012
Pre-order DLC (Archived)rozeluxe_meitz14/10/2012
Auto Battle Shard Farming (Archived)Cymerian44/10/2012
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