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So FF13 gets slammed for linear gameplay.... (Archived)
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Argo Iris drop rate? (Archived)BassGSnewtype43/25/2012
Anyone here new to the franchise? (Archived)Flamewheelz53/25/2012
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i stuck any help? (Archived)Learii93/25/2012
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question about battle theme (Archived)grandizerX43/25/2012
"So are yall done zappin' the wounded?" (Archived)Flamewheelz33/25/2012
Can you use the f arc costumes on you 2nd playthrough (Archived)GoD_wildarms33/25/2012
A place with a strong enemy by itself? (Archived)xChaosLokix43/25/2012
What the hell are the associated titles with the kid's costumes? (Archived)BingeGhostAgain73/25/2012
3 girls in my party? still whoopin a** can't decide on my last member... (Archived)hondalife4eva63/25/2012
So Federich's handkerchief isn't missable but the ability to turn it in is? (Archived)NeoSioType43/25/2012
Titles question (Archived)raidenjb63/25/2012
Any other 18 year olds play this and think back to Grade 6? (Archived)
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Future arc final battle (SPOILERS) (Archived)Shiro_Ichimura53/24/2012
**** Future Arc final boss *spoilers* (Archived)BTzz63/24/2012
So what is there to do now? *minor spoilers* (Archived)freshmakerrrr73/24/2012
Original Opening easter egg? (Archived)laskal53/24/2012
All npc looks the same. I call it lazy. (Archived)
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