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5 years ago#1
I've cleared a few kingdoms, and I went at the 40 QP have a lvl 12 Culture lvl 12 Knowledge kingdom in 40 qp challenge on. . . I also went after the It was a Big Whale achievement, and the 5/5 glutton/drunk thing, since I thought it'd get them out of the way. I got distracted by my achievements and I'md own to 9 quest points, and I'm no where near where I should be.

My question is, how the duece does the stats raise for your kingdom? I assumed that when I pick a quest, it gives what it says, I do six quests that give +2 knowledge, then should have 12 knowledge, right? I've onyl done quests that give a 1 stat for 1 qp ratio or better, and I'm more along the lines of 5 culture and 5 knowledge, even after doing the frankenstein quest that gave +5 knowledge. It feels like I'm not gettin what I think I should be gettin

At one for one, 24 quest points should have maxed out my two stats, how did I go through 31 without getting closer than that? I have like 1 defense I picked up because I was trying to get the sacrifice security for knowledge or culture achievement, and no well being at all.

What the duece? Can someone explain? Or am I just terribly r tarded and can't do basic arithmatic?
5 years ago#2
the buildings you have determine your cap for a stat.

so, for instance, building the barracks gives you a +4 security cap but does NOT raise your security by +4. you need to do quests to do that.

thats the best i can think of
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5 years ago#3
Thanks, that is pretty much exactly what I thought it was. . though somehow I failed to put any of that in the question. I had meant to query more specifically the faded bars vs the obviously full blocks, because I assumed those were some kind of caps.
5 years ago#4
Just give yourself some more QP from the cheats and you'll be fine.
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