Favorite quest(s) so far

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5 years ago#1
Name your favorite quest and what you liked about it.

Least favorite too, with what was bad about it.

I'll share mine once people have responded some.
5 years ago#2
Most favorite: Hard to tell, I like quests as the physcian or blacksmith because I like playing as them between quest tasks but I like Jacobian priest quests because they're pretty funny in the "HEATHENS! Heathens everywhere!" sort of way

Least favorite is the Fishing Competition if you chose to take advice from the non-crazy fisherman. (the one that isn't the jester hat in the quest choice) If you go with him you have to fish with low focus to catch the pity lobster. I normally have full focus all the time because I'm super efficent so that is a big pain. With the crazy guy you just have to buy a whaling boat and harpoon and go whale hunting at the end of his quest.
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5 years ago#3
Heh, yeah the Jacobans can be pretty good. When I did the fishing quest, I took advice from the crazy fisherman. Haven't seen the pity lobster from the non-crazy guy yet.
5 years ago#4
Any other favorite/least favorite quests?
5 years ago#5
My favorite quest was Mirthful Doctor.


My doctor had to teach a patient to have sex, and she got pregnant.
5 years ago#6
I think my favourite so far is the Meat Quest IV. It's a little obsessive over meat, but you can end up going down some very strange decision trees....My less than savoury merchant ended up addicting the entire kingdom to 'dubious meat of mystery origin'....I just hope they don't all start having nosebleeds later =)
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5 years ago#7
Heh, those are some good ones. Mirthful Love Doctor is one of my favorites too and the dubious meats cracked me up.
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