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5 years ago#1

I am unable to pull up the installation thing and an error message comes up saying "Handle is invalid" or something like that. It all started when I was installing a patching for KoTOR II and my Sims Medieval disc was in the drive. Well, I am not good with computers so I thought I should cancel the patch and after I did, I pulled the disc out, and put in the KoTOR II disc. Just so you know, this is a Sims Medieval: Limited Edition version. Can someone please help me out? I am not lying when I said I spent 1 hour by myself trying to figure it out, then my older brother spent 2 hours, then my step-dad tried helping for an hour. So four hours in total.

5 years ago#2
Hmmm, I've only heard of this problem, it's one of the more hair ripping variety since the cause of the problem can be multiple things. It's not an error specific to The Sims Medieval but usually is either one of two things:

1. Your Antivirus (Particularly McAFee does this) is interfering with the installation off the disc, so attempt to disable it and try installing again (Or just be safe and disable everything that's running before installation).

2. You are using an OS with some serious compatibility issues with the CD/DVD drivers you have installed, Windows Vista supposedly does this more than others. Updating the CD/DVD drivers may help. If you rule these two out, it's probably something fundamentally wrong with the OS itself and a problem well above my technical knowledge.

Having installed a patch for a different game than was in your CD/DVD drive shouldn't matter since it wouldn't overwrite data on the disc. An invalid handle error is more or less an indication of corrupt or incomplete data access from my understanding, although I've never encountered one before personally.
5 years ago#3

Well, a few years ago, my family and I had McAfee. Well, that thing didn't do a good job keeping viruses out. So we have Norton. Here is one problem I am having. Norton can't do a Registry Cleanup. There is a horrible story behind that. I was told by my older brother to create a system restore point. I did, then a little while later, I had to do system restore. I thought my computer froze while doing system restore, so I turned it off by pushing and holding the power button in until it turned off. Then I rebooted. When I try to do a Registry Cleanup, it starts for a second then it stops and on the results page, it says " Unable to take required System Restore point, error: 126 " How bad is that?

5 years ago#4
Did you try disabling Norton temporarily then installing The Sim Medieval off the disc? Overall, a failed System Restore isn't too much of a hiccup unless your computer came down with more serious problems like locking up on startup since the last point. Norton has a bit of a reputation for being overly invasive and bloated compared to some of the free anti-virus like AVG or Panda Cloud (Free Edition), I'd recommend switching, but Norton tends to get bit psychotic after you try and uninstall it with emphasis on the word "try".

There should be a large range of free programs you can use to repair your registry after the fact though, I personally recommend CCleaner ( Not sure if it would remedy the problem you're having with installing The Sims Medieval, but it might be worth a shot.

In theory, the problem that might be happening is that your Antivirus might be locking up installation files by attempting to scan them as they are read through your CD/DVD, disrupting the data-flow and order needed for installation. If killing Norton and installing doesn't work, then things might be just a bit more complicated and probably beyond my technical scope.
5 years ago#5

I disabled the smart firewall and the antivirus auto-protect. NOTHING!

5 years ago#6

I think my drive is screwed because I also ran that CCleaner that you recommended. The game install thing won't come up.

5 years ago#7

I might need more people involved in this topic. The more brains, the better. Your Dr. House, you need a team.

5 years ago#8
Ahhaha, thank you for the compliment but I'm not that good ^_^. Unfortunately, this is a bit beyond my scope and this board is pretty quiet these days, so you may get faster results on tech specialist sites. I'm still partial to the theory that Norton has still got it's prongs on some part of your computer since the Handle Invalid issue seems to be pretty common with them. That being said, I haven't used Norton in half a decade, so I really can't speak first hand.

This thread mentions the Handle Invalid issue with Symantec Endpoint (Which is Norton and a bunch of other stuff thrown in from my understanding):

And here's a more general response to the problem:

Just in case though, can you let me know what OS you use as well as your current version of Norton (Or full name of the product you are using?). Also, are you able to install any other programs from CD onto your computer? I'll keep my eyes peeled if I come across any related info.
5 years ago#9

I have Windows XP Home edition. I uninstalled KoTOR II and manage to install fine with no problems. The only problem I have KoTOR II is if I use force speed and the pictures gets all weird.

5 years ago#10

I uninstalled Norton. I put in the disc, and this came up.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: j:SimsMedievalSetup.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

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