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5 years ago#1
I dunno wtf is up with my game but for some reason the level unlocks for the cars I get cannot be used for specific events and its annoying. ie The Ford Mustang Terlinga can't be used for any of the Muscle events even though it is a muscle car. The game classifies it as a Muscle GTX (WTF?). The same goes for the 911 GT3 Team Falken instead of being classified as a GT3 car its GTX??!
5 years ago#2
Well the Falken tire car is actually a GT2 class race car. The GT3 is sort of like a trim level on the 911, like how there's the Corvette and Corvette Z06. Porsche runs their 911 GT3 cars in GT2 since I don't think the GT2 is allowed.


As for the Shelby, I guess the game just doesn't want you running a race car in a class meant for road cars.
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5 years ago#3
Hmm interesting I didn't know that guess I'll have to fork out 300k for one of them. Would depend which of the GT3 class cars are the best but I'm thinking its still Porsche. I do have the Legends DLC and I think the 911 they gave me will work (costs $0 too lol).
5 years ago#4
The Muscle races I'm pretty sure are for Muscle Road or similar, so the Muscle GTX Shelby isn't eligible.

As for the 911 GT3-RSR, yeah, it's a GT2 car. Porsche are good at confusing names, like the new GT3R being a GT3 car, the previous GT3R being a GT2 car, the GT3RS being a GT2 car, the GT2 also being a GT2 car, the GT2 Evo being a GT1 car, the GT1 being another GT1 car, and also a GTS car. On top of that, the GT3, GT3RS, GT2 and GT1 are all the names of roadcars too!

All of the GT3 cars in Shift 2 should be pretty evenly matched, it's just a matter of taste which you pick. I personally prefer the Alpina, despite it being a bit ugly.
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5 years ago#5
I'd probably pick the Aston or the Lambo I can usually drive most of the cars w/o much difficulty.

I know with the Corvette because of the weight shift you have to break earlier or later either way the inertia from breaking will slide or launch you into corners for some epic overtakes lol
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