Shift 2: Worst Driving Dynmaics since Hot Wheels

#1jgstoneivPosted 9/27/2012 5:51:15 PM
Really? This game is about as realistic as Pam Anderson circa 2012. Unlike many of the players, I have driven the Nurburgring, Suzuka and three of the American tracks and while the tracks are OK as far as basically turning left or right when they should...the driving and drifting models are about as far away from reality as possible. The first Shift was great, the second Shift blew out second gear and torched the gearbox. I am GLAD I only paid $1.99 US for this horrible driving game. I am driving a 24 hour race this weekend and figure that a monkey smoking crack in a golf cart driving the paddock at a driving school track probably has more track experience than the creators of this game. It is one thing to recreate a track and quite another thing to design a responsive car that does not shoot for the outside wall given the serious limitations of the controls once the throttle is applied.

Real drivers have commented already....who's next?