GT5 or SU2?

#1X-PICU-XPosted 5/25/2013 11:55:22 AM
I have played both (rented), GT5 graphics are awesome, but I like the customization of the cars better in SU2. I've been wanting a racing game from awhile, I saw Fast & furious 6 & my heart started pumping blood again. I even drived my car (pontiac grand prix 2000) to 85mph on the highway. Man, my leg started shaking... anyway, how much is the online play now a days of both? I got NFSHP but its not the same as these two. I really miss NFSU 1 & 2, they should do a remake or HD version & add multiplayer (online game). I love to play racing games with other peoples so wich is more active?
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#2Mellerker38Posted 5/30/2013 3:19:09 PM
GT5 is your best bet if you liked long racing games.