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Mac version?Ryukashi18/21 6:01AM
New Game +,Game Level 81, Elite
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
neoturnip118/11 8:51AM
Any tips for a new outlander? (Skill help needed)Raem78/7 8:46AM
Used the respec mod on a vanilla character, can't bring him back to vanilla.LordFarquad131238/3 7:27AM
Any to stop melee attacking when pressing shift and move?confettistorm28/3 7:20AM
Is there a mod that lets you level up slower? (Archived)The_Fatz17/24 12:41PM
Embermage build and respec (Archived)ominouspenguin47/19 7:22AM
Anyone know of a mod to add a potion cooldown? (Archived)Dead-Dragon27/10 11:03PM
Alternative to Torchlight 2 Armory website? (Archived)edwardsharpe47/4 9:45PM
What class should i pick in torchlight 2 as a beginner? (Archived)Igpete010277/2 6:14AM
As a summoner outlander build, would you use shotguns or long range? (Archived)LordSmokington47/2 2:02AM
Question about outlander (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ambicion137/2 1:27AM
Still worth buying? (Archived)PHTessmer36/25 7:50PM
Until June 30th, 50% off both Torchlight and Torchlight 2 on Steam. (Archived)Marikhen56/24 10:41AM
Think there will ever be a Torchlight 3? (Archived)edwardsharpe26/14 5:45PM
How do I go about installing mods? (Archived)Squaresoft11136/14 4:40PM
My Laptop sucks (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
MuxTheBest116/8 4:38PM
immobolization copter worth the investment? (Archived)rmcin32925/29 6:24AM
Help me! (Regarding new weapons on april update) (Archived)undeadkyle1234524/29 5:27PM
Late to the party but this game is awesome! (Archived)protools198364/29 4:51AM
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