Remove cheater flag is now possible

#1vosszaaPosted 9/23/2012 6:56:11 PM
Please refer to

Method of how to do it is sill remains confidential
#2NogahamPosted 9/23/2012 7:06:24 PM
Well that is nice for you. I hope this nets you all the recognition you hoped getting for this. Now please move on.
#3Chaotic_AnarkiPosted 9/23/2012 7:06:56 PM
It has always been possible. It was possible in the first torchlight, too.
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#4ZaishiPosted 9/23/2012 8:06:15 PM(edited)
The method for removing the flag has already been posted on these forums.

Edit: It was posted by you hours ago... What's your game here?
#5AuralTerror23Posted 9/23/2012 8:29:45 PM
I'd imagine that finding the location of the flag in the save file is a matter of making a copy of a clean character's save file, using the console to cause a flag, and then compare the two save files in hex edit.