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User Info: Uvtha

4 years ago#1
the ability to play a clearly weak build. Maybe I am crazy but I'm having a really good time trying to get through the game with my crappy 0 ranged attacks non poison focused melee outlander.

The class was clearly not designed to play this way, but I'm getting better at it, and not dying so much anymore.

I really missed games like this that let you suck if you want to. Love getting to do it MY way.

User Info: banished09

4 years ago#2
I'm currently 10 levels underleveld at the place where I am atm and yet I don't die as much as I should.. love it.
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User Info: TehAssasin

4 years ago#3
It's clear that Runic Games's intention is to allow players to dictate their way of having fun, unlike certain company, you know.

User Info: ElusiveOneX

4 years ago#4
What difficulty are we talkin' here? I don't really feel like I can do whatever I want.

User Info: SaffronGhost

4 years ago#5
Burger King called, they're suing you.

So many failures.

User Info: Uvtha

4 years ago#6
I play veteran.
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