Is dual wielding pistols with an Outlander supposed to be worthless at first?

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4 years ago#1
Playing on Elite, and I haven't really played seriously before this.

I'm focusing on Str and Dex (until 110) and at level 10 it seems like my pistols do neglible damage unless it is a critical hit. My pet seems to do more damage than I do. I had to rely on the glaive.

Now I'm using a mortar and it's doing pretty well but I'm hoping dual wielding is more viable eventually.

Edit: My current strategy has boiled down to me using Blade Pact and then pumping mortar shots into the circle.
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4 years ago#2
Pretty much, while you have low ranks on either of the dual-wield-specific passive skills early on (Akimbo & Long Range Mastery), you might as well just go with 1 pistol and a shield first, or, the cannon/shotgonne.

Also, FOC and STR are more of the main stats if you want it to shine with pistols asap, (for a higher chance to execute -- where both weapons are used/fired at the same time). Outlanders have the passive crit boost for their charge bar, that alone is enough to keep your crits coming with or without dex. The additional focus/exec actually could surpass the effects of STR or Dex alone early in the game -- for Dual-wielding Outlanders.

Once you hit 25% exec (with or without Akimbo's additional effects, your call), you could then start focusing on Dex much more. With your long range (and assuming you put at least 1 skill point on poison burst) you should not be worried about dying in any pre-lv50's dungeon at all. If you wanna "dodge" attacks without relying on dex, Rune Vault (skill) will be more than whatever dex's worth is.
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4 years ago#3
Should I stop leveling Dex for a while? I was planning on alternating between Dex and Strength giving 5 each level until Dex hit 110. I need to figure out how to check my chance to execute. It's probably stated somewhere in the game but I wasn't really aware of this.

And then I was going to give 3 to Focus and 2 to Str every level.

Oh, and this game is obviously supposed to be played on Elite. It's the first time that I feel like the challenge is sufficient enough to make me feel glad to get better equipment. It's actually pretty good but damn do I go through potions.

So far the best fight was in that One Eyed Willy place. I had to shoot my pistols hoping for a crit and then run away from the enemy's giant sword. I guess I didn't realize how tactical the combat could get until I was forced to.
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4 years ago#4
I see it shows the exec chance right there.

Okay thanks I know what to do then.

I feel cheap for using a town portal to heal myself.
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4 years ago#5
God Almighty the boss in the Water Temple took me 15 minutes. I wouldn't have made it without my 14 points of HP regen every second. I ran around the room kiting him with a Bow while dodging a million projectiles.

God damn, I hope things even out a bit that was nutty.
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4 years ago#6
You are supposed to be using skills with Outlander. Auto attack should never be used unless you need to steal mana. Non focus based Outlanders are frustrating terribad without the right built and equipment, and things are only going to go from bad to worse for you. In the case of dual wielding pistols you need to understand first that shields are priceless and any build that doesn't have a shield is going to have a hard time in Elite unless you know what you are doing. Dual wielding pistols don't become that good until you get the sockets that give you the % chance to cast Thunder/Acid Rain/Glacial Spike/Meteor Strike/etc. Without them the extra damage from dual wielding is more or less insignificant compared to the blocking you get from shields.
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4 years ago#7
I'm in Act 2. Haven't had too much trouble yet.

I'm doing a lot more damage than before. I still have to kite a lot of stronger enemies though.

I also just do a lot of manual dodging. I've found that most attacks are escapable in this game if you time your movements. I only have trouble when I face a million infinite enemies in boss fights.
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