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How's my Embermage build? (Archived)Artemis_Fei612/28/2013
I unpacked the DATA.PAK using the editor but how do u? (Archived)KGenouske112/26/2013
i am gonna play a berserker, what stats should I upgrade on LV up? (Archived)Relentless639212/25/2013
Question about Synergies (Archived)motorheadache612/14/2013
How to remove a skill point? (Archived)marceloxlr312/13/2013
easiest way to get socket enchanter? (Archived)ThePHiLsTeR312/11/2013
Highest AoE embermage build? (Archived)marceloxlr1012/7/2013
Having such a hard time getting others to join my game (Archived)Superrpgman612/7/2013
is anyone able to figure out this build? (Archived)tehdud512/5/2013
Question about Synergies Mod (Archived)zombie666112/5/2013
Before buying this game (Archived)itachi00312/3/2013
Are real life friends essential to enjoyment of this game? (Archived)iangeofries312/3/2013
Synergies..mod of the Year...vote for it inside!!! (Archived)Taran_McDohl112/2/2013
far east expansion? (Archived)tehdud212/2/2013
Questions about this game. (Archived)megaxleox312/2/2013
Weekend Steam sale. (Archived)Marikhen512/2/2013
in this game do enemies flinch when being hit (Archived)tiamat999412/1/2013
I'm making a new class that uses a bow, I want to be able to wear armor from... (Archived)KGenouske111/30/2013
Is there list with description of all attacks in the game? (Archived)KGenouske111/29/2013
Does stuff like this appear in the base game or is this Synergies? (Archived)the_rowan411/27/2013
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