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I have a quick question. (Archived)webbydan49/11/2013
Building Outlander (Archived)vivafresh29/10/2013
Not really getting the point of the difficulties. (Archived)
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Looking for Dual pistol Outlander build viable on Elite and Elite Tarrochs Tomb (Archived)Rawe39/8/2013
Shared stash? (Or heck... just a stash in general?) (Archived)rhombencephalon49/2/2013
Workship classes worth checking out? (Archived)BlazeAssassin69/2/2013
Has anyone tried a Meleelander or a Gunzerker? (Archived)ScarletShin48/29/2013
engineer or berserker for elite solo play no mods (Archived)Rajenki48/27/2013
Embermage question. Why are the brands good? (Archived)ScarletShin38/27/2013
FYI this game is insanely fun with a controller (Archived)flaire28/24/2013
Got the game but whats the point..? (Archived)clodoveo198/24/2013
JoyStix (Archived)sgz25718/22/2013
Certain Legendaries drop left and right while others never drop. (Archived)MementoMori7738/21/2013
Best difficulty for unorthodox characters? (Archived)AlexTheNextOne78/18/2013
Just got this anyone wanna play? (Archived)VeeMon18/17/2013
Just bought the game anyone wanna start with me? (Archived)KingOfAsia28/17/2013
Focus Engineer build ideas (Archived)PhantomLink198/16/2013
Can anyone spare some gold? (Archived)sanfran16238/14/2013
Finally Beat It, What The Heck Was The Plot? (spoilers) (Archived)
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Looking for people for TL2 (Archived)DownSouth11318/10/2013
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