Gold Medals

#1jbuys78Posted 9/24/2011 2:36:18 PM
Is anyone having trouble getting gold or even silver medals? I have not played very long long but what percent do you need to get for a gold or silver? Each exercise or activity I do it says over 100% but only a bronze. I don't get it.
#2EL1TESN1P3SPosted 9/25/2011 12:41:37 PM

On a lot of the exercises i got 150% but only got a silver i think the percentage is just the effort but to get gold i think you need to make no mistakes

#3jbuys78(Topic Creator)Posted 9/25/2011 6:30:35 PM
That's what I don't get. On hit the mitts I remembered the order of every punch so they came out as quick as possible and got all in the green, no misses and only 115%. On the exercises I would finish the required amount and keep going but it will stop me with more time left and I'm still going.
#4Thefear4Posted 9/27/2011 2:38:12 PM
I've only had this game for a little over a month so I'm not certain, but what I've noticed so far is that it seems like you can only achieve a bronze medal on the easy level exercises. I've got maybe 5-10 silvers after completing a 30-day program and if I remember correctly they were all on the routines. Which went up in number "Combo Routine 2, 3, etc..." So my GUESS is that you have to do a medium exercise to get silver and a hard for gold? Still not clear on this myself so I will be tracking this topic hoping for a better answer.
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#5kcwcwmanPosted 10/26/2011 6:26:54 PM
Beginner level = bronze. You can't get higher than bronze. When you change your level you can go up to silver and then the next level is gold. The hit the mitts routines are the same way. Easy routine = bronze, medium routine = silver and hard routine = gold.