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English patch for SDR2 (instructions how to make one)
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I wonder what would happen if... (SPOILERS)
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Does how you use free time ultimately matters? (Archived)blasster310/16 8:23AM
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English patch on the Second one... (Archived)
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The Final Class Trial/End Game *Spoilers* (Archived)CatMuto56/5 2:45AM
Is it based on the anime storyline? (Archived)nemerz66/4 9:15PM
Characters you wish got executed (Archived)kaufmaniac85/6 5:36PM
Does the physical copy come with a real manual? (Archived)TomAto3141515/4 6:25AM
Monokuma VS Sachiko (SPOILERS) (Poll)
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So... who fell into the "trap" in chapter 5 class trial? (Archived)BloodTyrant915463/24 10:44AM
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Can't play the game for a loooong time, is the anime watchable? (Archived)SoporilBracelet33/7 2:02PM
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[Spoilers?] Who would win in gambling? (Archived)Iolcow33/6 7:50AM
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