I hope this game will be easier than AC6

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5 years ago#11
The only part of AC6 that gave me any trouble was Chandelier.
5 years ago#12
Was still easier than any of the final AC tunnels that had come before. IMO
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5 years ago#13
Me thinking Ace difficulty was very easy and someone tells me he/she couldn't finish the first mission...

Maybe change the genres you're playing or at least control style from Novice to Normal ;)
5 years ago#14
Wow AC6 Was hard for someone? I got all s ranks on ace mode and I am not usually one to bother with higher difficulties in games because I frustrate easily.
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5 years ago#15
Yeah, AC6 was by far the easiest Ace Combat game I've ever played.
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5 years ago#16
I only really ever had trouble with the end of the mission where you liberate Gracemaria.... damn those millions of UAVs.... and even that trouble was only on the harder difficulties
5 years ago#17
I only have played AC5 and AC6 but IMO AC6 is by far much easy than AC5 and AC5 isn't that difficult
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5 years ago#18
Practice makes perfect!!

Not everyone is going to want the entire game to be easier than AC6 or any of the previous games. And for those who say there wasn't an easy mode in AC6 you need to check again. Sure we all hate games that are so hard you can't get past a mission. But there is a great satisfaction when you are challenged and persevere and win that S-ranking,new aircraft,Achievement,ect.

So in no way do I want to see this series become easier on the harder levels.
5 years ago#19
I in fact, want it to be HARDER on harder levels.
Lets face it, shaking missiles off your tail, even on ACE difficulty, was too easy.
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5 years ago#20
I still think the hardest Ace Combat level I played was that one where you are looking for Nagase in AC5. IDK why but it took me more than a few tries.
"Double Chop! Giant Swing! THE END!" (+ +)
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  3. I hope this game will be easier than AC6

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