Aquarium topic #3

#1siegeshotPosted 10/1/2010 3:53:06 PM
Ah so I don't know why it defaults to a dark tank. Probably just an accident and oversight. Easy to fix just change the theme to one of the earlier themes and viola.

I really really really want my japanese bullhead shark from A1 with my megamouth from A2.

Spoiler question, is there an unlockable japanese bullhead shark in A2 at some point?

Also I'm happy with the DLC but Ninty Power completely slammed A2 and it really irked me. I can't get enough of A2 and it makes me love A1 even more (until I have to edit the doodads in the tank, heh.)

Disco ball is fun but looks out of place. But it goes really well with all of the fish that have glowy spots on them.

Okay bye!

Frank West needs to be a playable merc character in RE5. He's covered wars ya know?