How do i add a vending machine

#1CHEEZEOMATICPosted 12/9/2010 6:38:52 AM
i've got a vending machine and the right lv merchant (15) but i dont have a clue how to add the vender to my shop can anyone help me

#2hylian222000Posted 12/9/2010 12:48:58 PM
put it on the counter like you're gonna sell it
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#3CHEEZEOMATIC(Topic Creator)Posted 12/10/2010 4:43:33 AM
I obviously dont want to sell it i want to use it xP
#4duran1975Posted 12/10/2010 5:05:58 AM
Just do what they said, you won't be selling it if you place it on the counter/table.

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#5Supah_AxelPosted 12/17/2010 6:05:58 PM
Ya, you can't place vending machines on the counters, when you try to, it replaces the counter with the vending machine. That's why he said to do it.
#6mynamealonePosted 12/17/2010 7:30:14 PM
wasnt that explained by tear?

and she said you cant sell it except in the guild or market (or INSIDE the vendor, but she didnt mention it, and noone buys it anyway...... or maybe it's just me)
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#7SeijinMisakoPosted 12/17/2010 9:00:30 PM
(or INSIDE the vendor, but she didnt mention it, and noone buys it anyway...... or maybe it's just me)

It's just you. I sell loads of vending machines in my vending machines.

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#8wassup3Posted 12/17/2010 11:44:42 PM
#9red255Posted 12/19/2010 5:19:05 PM
you can only sell from vending machines when:

1. shoppers have enough cash on hand to buy it
2. its not blue priced.

for some reason in one of my playthrus they weren't taking my thankful statues. its probably because I placed them in a bad location.

the second 2 vending machines are metal, so you can sell them when a shopper asks for 'something metal' if you want to. (and they have the cash)

So I only use the super vendors for vending. Mainly with pieces of flooring, and expensive wall papers. the machines are in the middle of the store between the door and the cashier's. does best near the register I think.
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#10DRCEQPosted 12/19/2010 9:51:37 PM
^ What? customers bought items from my vending machines when they were blue all the time. In fact, it's the best way to ensure they buy it at regular price instead of the blue price.