*stage 5 -14 spoilers*? Just beat King Carrion

#1HerPandaPosted 9/27/2012 10:07:40 PM
What a terrifying level. As a kid, I was scared to bits of the Sun in SMB3 and the Mask in SMB2. Lookie here, my fears come back to haunt me. The platforming itself was easy, it's just doing it while that death looms around and chases me.

I almost beat it around 20 mins, but I jumped into the salt right next to bandage girl by accident. From there, I just couldn't get back. I kept dying while trying to get the 2nd key, or while jumping into the column (kept whacking the pile of salt below it). I FINALLY beat it after about 2 hours on and off by jumping up the outside of the cliff, and A+ed the level. The regular way was just...<_< a tad too nerve wrecking for me.

Anyway, while I DO hate the level, it'll also be the level I remember most, similar to the Sun and Mask from Mario, which I find interesting. I think most of my deaths were due to the thought of it chasing me...yeah.

Was anyone else really shooken up by this level?
#2wobbuffet10Posted 9/28/2012 8:36:30 AM
I don't think I had any problems with that level. I've been playing World 5 dark and that's been pretty challenging, but even those levels don't take me more than 20 minutes a piece or so...I think I beat 5-6x through 5-16x the other day in a bout an hour. But I can see the Mario 3 comparison...that sun was probably the scariest enemy in the game (well, probably the ONLY scary enemy really)