Fatal Error?

#1boot2thefacePosted 12/26/2012 12:10:23 AM
So I just got a new laptop and re-installed Steam and Super Meat Boy, and when I launch the game It crashes immediately upon startup. This is the error message that I recieve:
"An error has occurred and a mini-dump(hehe) has been sent to Team Meat."
I've seen many posts about this all over the internet, but no one seems to have a solid fix. Does anyone here have any idea what could be causing this?
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#3KythlynPosted 1/4/2013 9:32:18 AM
Could be the game trying to boot up in an incompatible resolution to your screen or something like that.

Steam\steamapps\common\super meat boy\UserData
Replace the Reg0.dat in that folder with: http://gonzolo.dk/Reg0.dat

Fix from gonzolo on Steam forums.

Check this thread for more details: