A+ on dark worlds?

#1ThorisokaPosted 1/19/2013 11:38:10 PM

Do you get something from beating every dark world levels with an A+, beside obvious satisfaction? I mean, having A+ in light world has the obvious use of unlocking dark world levels, but I seem to be able to get 100% in a chapter without having all A+...

By the way, I sometimes get an A+ while finishing with a few more milliseconds than the objective, it this normal?
#2GiantCherryPosted 1/20/2013 5:37:03 AM
You get nothing other than satisfaction from it. And it differs per level if you get a time close to the A+ par, but it's not rare I think...
#3Thorisoka(Topic Creator)Posted 1/20/2013 9:17:29 PM
Thanks a lot for your answer! I'll see if I can get the satisfaction of a full A+ later on, let's first finish the game.

As for getting A+ with worse time, I think was just too confused: after redoing some level to get bandage I still got A+, which lead me to believe bandages got you it too. But then I realize you get A+ every time you redo a level after getting it for the first time.