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User Info: Toon_Link

6 years ago#1
Anyone know how long the game is? replay value? thanks
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User Info: NoDzombie

6 years ago#2

i would like to know this also, played the trial and thought it was awesome, but dont really want to shell out 1200msp for it if its only 3 or 4 hours long (which being an arcade game it could well be) have been searching the web but cant seem to find anything relating to the games length anywhere.......

User Info: ImmatureContent

6 years ago#3
I haven't beat it yet but based on my progress I have a feeling it's going to be a lot shorter than I'd like.
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User Info: jpattee

6 years ago#4
Took me about 6 hours to complete the story and do all of the quests.

User Info: schlanz

6 years ago#5
*sigh* whats with these short ass games costing $15.. arcade games should always be no more than $10 imo except in rare cases where the game is actually 15-20 hours long.

Hasn't anyone learned from Apples App Store? The top grossing games are ALWAYS the cheapest. If this game was $5 instead of $15 it would probably be 10x more successful.
Something can be multi platform and exclusive at the same time. ~Geist
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User Info: schlanz

6 years ago#6
I mean seriously... Shadow Complex was $15, wasn't it?... totally justified in that case. How can a game like this cost $15.
Something can be multi platform and exclusive at the same time. ~Geist
the dude abides

User Info: Toon_Link

6 years ago#7
just read gameinformer review. Game got a 6. That was not important since they did not like the combat. They said it was 5 hours. This is a turn based rpg. Most retail turn based rpgs are at very least 40+ hours.

I was expecting about 10 for a purchase. May wait for a Dotw than. This is coming from someone that bought Limbo day 1 and did not complain once about the length of it
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User Info: The_Mad_Nutter

6 years ago#8

It has 3 area's and 11 costumes to collect (french fries costume ftw). I guess it took me about 6 hours or so to complete 100%. Having said that I really enjoyed my time with it though the combat does get a bit too simple. If you want a hardcore long challenging game I woudn't recommend it, but its fun while it lasts and if you have smaller kids it's great.

User Info: joecamnet

6 years ago#9
This topic convinced me to buy this.
I'd rather spend $15 on a shorter game that's awesome the whole way through (Deathspank, anybody) over a $60 game that bores the everloving crap out of FFXIII.
Sounds like I'll dig this!

User Info: Brodie_Gorgo

6 years ago#10
Not so long ago (Snes, PSX, PS2), I used to pay 50$ for 6 hours long games (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Illusion of Gaia, Shadow of Memories, Castlevania Symphony Of The Night, etc etc...). Shameful ? Not as long as the game is worth every minute.

Developers rarely program game that should last more than 8 hours. But somehow they always manage to extend the playtime via artificial means - backtracking, cutscenes, abusive difficulty, looooong empty corridors. I'm 2 hours into Costume Quest, and it's one of the best games I've played this year. It's worth playing for the look of the game alone, and it's a good proper old school RPG... Just fantastic, really.

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