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6 years ago#1

I'm having a problem with French Fry costume's lure... I'm at a point only Reynold has the costume and I'm supposed to lure the birds away from the chests and the kids to the french fry vendor... None of them starts to follow me no matter how long i circle around them with the costume ability on.

Anyone else had this problem or am I just using it wrong? :-o

Thanks beforehand!
6 years ago#2
Did you try talking to them, first? Also, you might want to keep in mind that only one kid will follow you at any given time; no Pied Piper action, en masse. :D
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6 years ago#3
I did try talking first and taking am trying to take them one at a time. They have the icon on top of them but when talking they just keep talking about how they'd like some fries etc.. None of them start to follow when standing next to them with the fries lure action pressed.
6 years ago#4
Okay, that is weird. As I recall, talking to them in the fry suit is what activates the cue for using the "scent lure." I don't recall hearing about anybody else running into this problem on the board, so maybe it is a new bug?
Shut up, fatty. -Mon Dieu Mel
6 years ago#5
Yeah, I'm having the exact same problem. If anybody knows what up with that I could also use the help. It's such a late part in the game to have to start all the way over again and then possibly have the same thing happen.
6 years ago#6
I have the exact same problem
6 years ago#7
That is strange, maybe you have to talk to the crows before getting the costume as they tell you to go away and your party says they'll have to find a way to get them to move. Only thing I can think of that would cause you to not be able to lure the kids away. Did you talk to the crows before getting the costume, if all of you who have the problem didn't we could nail that as a bug and notify Doublefine about it.
6 years ago#8
Ok random_bar's Update thread has listed this problem as a known bug already lol, so it has come in with th update, which I haven't gotten yet.
6 years ago#9
i've tried talking to the crows and it didn't help at all. thanks for looking into it though. so we should probably be expecting an update for this at some point? maybe around DLC time i guess.
6 years ago#10
Same thing here... just got into this game yesterday and was just before the french fry costume part... thanks for breaking my game, update!
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