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Does burial at sea spoil the main game? (Archived)Senkotsu_Uchiha212/27/2013
Motion Sickness help please!!!.... (Archived)NightwishRulz212/26/2013
Bioshock Infinite might be coming to PlayStation Plus (Archived)Lightdays312/26/2013
How much longer until I beat the game? *mild spoiler* (Archived)fettster777412/24/2013
Just Beat it! (Spoliers) (Archived)maguey68312/23/2013
Weapon/Vigor/Gear setups? *possible spoilers* (Archived)_Itachi_Uchiha_212/22/2013
how hard are the blue ribbon challenges? (Archived)TheAlphaKing212/19/2013
I feel really confused with this game and it feels kind of tough. -spoilers- (Archived)RJP_X212/19/2013
Just a quick question involving the length of the game. (Minor Spoilers) (Archived)pvtplatypus612/18/2013
Question About Season Pass (Archived)UltimaXOmega212/17/2013
i forgot how to switch vigors on the fly (Archived)pvdmike412/16/2013
Is it hard to platinum the game in 1 playthrough? (Archived)XHollowIchigoX212/16/2013
1999 Mode Final Battle (Archived)steel-savioer612/15/2013
i bought the songbird edition but how do i know if i got the dlc? (Archived)holywtfomg312/15/2013
Taxing the Season Pass (Archived)njmanga097312/14/2013
Can I play BAS without playing the original Bioshock? (Archived)arczero_x712/14/2013
wooohoo!!!Just got the angry stompers pants I've been wanting! (Archived)PoetSaskia212/14/2013
This game expects me to care about racism and social injustice.... (Archived)
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Silly and Fun Elizabeth Antics (Archived)Squall_exe712/11/2013
Singleplayer DLC (Archived)kcheung5440212/10/2013
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