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How ruined is the story for me if i know.... (SPOILERS) (Archived)AwesomeChair911/14/2013
Burial at Sea ~ Elizabeth + Vent = Stuck (Archived)Suhn-Sol-Jashin411/14/2013
(Spoiler questions) Dont look if you didnt beat the game (Archived)Flare2468411/13/2013
Wow....looky what I saw in Burial at Sea Ep. 1..... (Archived)Boomon411/13/2013
1999 Mode (Archived)netj999111/12/2013
Is it weird that I find myself siding with the Founders over the Voxes? SPOILERS (Archived)
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How much memory is the download for the new DLC? (Archived)sflowers539611/12/2013
Downloading now, how long is this? (Archived)bskiffington611/12/2013
How do I download Burial At Sea? (Archived)Mikura_DSA811/12/2013
Does the DLC come out tonight or tommorrow CA Time (Archived)ThePhantomZ411/12/2013
DLC question about the orginal Bioshock (Archived)emdecay811/12/2013
Question about Bioshock 2 and DLC (Archived)steel-savioer411/11/2013
!!!HUGE SPOILERS!!! Is it possible to save.... (Archived)Squall_exe611/7/2013
Clash in The Clouds, Elizabeth stuck (Archived)SunsprayHoney111/6/2013
Question bout booker and comstock (Archived)capjcommando510/31/2013
We need a game starring the Lutece. (Archived)harcoreblazer210/31/2013
So, is there a sort of movie I can watch? (Archived)sirwilliam0101210/30/2013
I'm confused (Archived)
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is there a cheap way to kill siren (Archived)SMP_hehwat510/29/2013
there's a lockpick over there... (Archived)kraze999410/27/2013
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