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Thoughts after Burial at Sea Episode 2dfchang81347/17 9:44PM
is it worth it?sshadow500237/16 2:51AM
Quick questionDeathProfit37/11 3:54PM
Does the ending even work?*spoilers*mvillanueva8827/4 6:31PM
Does multiplayer truly hinder the single player experience?Ragnoraok37/2 10:15AM
Did something happen between Bioshock 2 I missedblackhrt56/30 9:59AM
Does this theory/explanation to the story make sense? (Archived)pistolblue0776/19 9:49AM
Elizabeth's ability? *ending spoilers* (Archived)IlluminatusCU36/11 9:51AM
so is Elizabeth (burial at sea spoilers) (Archived)Legend52446/8 7:47PM
Did anyone like BaS1 more then BaS2? (spoilers) (Archived)sflowers53926/8 2:59PM
BAS2 game breaking glitch. (Archived)flamepelt16/6 5:09PM
So should I get this now and buy the dlcs separately.... (Archived)JM_14_GOW66/5 4:26AM
Did I Pay Too Much for the DLC? (Archived)txdave3836/4 9:47AM
Whats the best plasmid and/or weapon for burial at sea? (Archived)DougEInstructor35/28 5:56PM
Is this game as good as they hype? (Archived)L4DMalus55/24 5:45AM
1998 mode: I can still melee and Crossbow? (Archived)Darkdemon8910105/22 7:47PM
fanart-cosplay-take-a-bite-out-of-a-big-daddy.png (Archived)HELZERO15/21 4:56PM
Did the DLC improve or drop your overall rating and opinion of Infinite? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
sflowers539335/20 1:02AM
What was your reaction on that one part (massive spoilers) (Archived)lolamericans65/17 4:38PM
Did I miss something here? *Possible Spoilers* (Archived)Darkdemon891015/17 3:04AM
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