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So, I got this game when it was Games with Gold.BrownPack44/27 2:47AM
If you could use one of the vigors IRL, which would you choose?Exolamb10244/26 5:49AM
Wow this game is bad, even for free... Why the hype?BronoTrigger94/23 6:25PM
Locked building Q (minor spoilers)Vypernight34/15 2:25PM
Wow... Just wowboundedcrib34/13 9:44AM
I made it to the Airship and I am completely bonedIm_an_F18_bro34/8 2:48AM
WTF no MP?Nafzger54/4 10:18PM
Good place to farm Blood Echoes before Vicar Amelia? (Closed)whitehawk198633/31 4:57AM
Jeez, why is my download taking so long? (Archived)BrownPack93/23 7:13PM
dying and revival (Archived)urnfootball22/7 10:42AM
Is it just me or is this game ugly on 360? (Archived)justaseabass61/10 1:50PM
At the end of Burial at sea 1 ***SPOILERS*** (for Burial at Sea 2 too) (Archived)Stopthink21/2 9:57PM
season pass worth it? (Archived)Diesel95212/25 9:33PM
can you switch the diff to hard before the boss fight and get the achievement? (Archived)magemaximus912/25 5:58AM
Burial at Sea Ep. 2 question *spoilers* (Archived)Capn Circus211/23 10:14AM
Wow this board is dead too... blah (Archived)Andronicus87111/21 2:10AM
Since BS 1 board is dead I came here to ask why brass balls didnt take... (Archived)Andronicus87111/21 2:09AM
Complete Edition: Two Discs or DL Voucher! (Archived)Valkyriareaper1811/5 8:44PM
Do you think the rapture in Burial at sea is the same one as in Bioshock 1&2 (Archived)Andronicus87111/4 6:24PM
Will we ever see a next gen HD version? (Archived)WebsandWigs611/4 10:04AM
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