Infinite Theory

#1Famine_10f4Posted 2/13/2012 11:59:35 AM

I have no idea what to expect from Bioshock Infinite's story, however I think I might have something behind the meaning of  Infinite.

If we take a look at the gameplay previews we see that Elizabeth has these unique abilities to tear through multiple dimensions, essentially different versions of Columbia over lapping one another. These different Columbias are probably based off small changes, time frame (Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi), and other little things. It is entirely possible that there is more than one Brooker and Elizabeth, as well as other characters.

With this in mind there could be an "infinite" amount of alternate realities... yeah.

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And before anyone starts, alternate realities over lapping one another doesn't mean we'll see Rapture. Unless we are in Rapture we can't see alternate versions of it.

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Um, you DO realize that the "portals" to alternate realities could very well bridge, not only time, but distance as well, don't you...? >.>

They've never once said that the alternate realities are only set on Colombia... So, yes, it is, in fact, possible that we will see Rapture at some point during the game, however briefly it may be...
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#4Shadowrun_2Posted 2/15/2012 2:52:24 PM
I figured that was the point of the Infinite title as well and I'm curious as to what parallel realities they'll end up seeing.

I'm sure they'll run into Rapture but I have feeling they'll just pass through it briefly. I don't think they'll meet Jack or Andrew Ryan or fight Big Daddies or anything like that.