Autosave glitch fix?

#1Pirate_Wolf_12Posted 3/28/2013 8:38:23 PM
My game saved last night when I just got to the Hall Of Heroes however today when I loaded it up I was back at the arcade. I played on and am going to go fight Slate but I'm worried that if I do save and quit I'll load back there and lose even more progress.

Any way to avoid this glitch? Does it only occur at certain levels?
#2LOLZuMadBroPosted 3/28/2013 10:13:34 PM
So, from reading old posts it seems to me that saves are based off of your 360's system time, so if you lose your internet connection (like I did) and play offline, your xbox will think it's 2005. The best you can do is to go to "LOAD CHAPTER" and choose the most recent save from 2005.

If your system's date hasn't changed at're SOL
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