More interaction next game??? *minor spoilers*

#1Game_Master713Posted 3/31/2013 7:16:45 PM
I really wished this game had more interaction with the environment and with the people. Like at Battleship Bay when you're searching for Elizabeth and you walk around as Booker is just shouting asking people. Instead of that would anybody rather actually have a dialogue option rather than Booker just shouting? (don't get all butt-hurt) Like something in fallout or another RPG game. This could lead to more conversations between characters for more character development and could really make the characters more liked (or hated). Also more interactions with the environment. I really liked the carnival and you could play games and you were just another person in a crowd full of people, it made me feel like I was there. I know Bioshock is more FPS and isn't really an RPG genre but having some RPG aspects can really highlight the characters more.
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