First Locked Chest (MINOR spoiler)

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3 years ago#1
Ok, so I saw the first locked chest, and found the key. How, exactly do you get back to that house to open the chest? Directions and/or a map would be GREATLY appreciated.
3 years ago#2
It's hard to explain in a post dude, if you really need a map I'm sure there is one online, but you will use the skyways to backtrack to that house the chest is in after beating the raven manor.
3 years ago#3
In the Fraternal House of the Raven, backtrack a few rooms until you're outside in the foggy dark courtyard again. Go through the big gate with the eye on it and into the section with the turret and enemies (the enemies have respawned so be careful). Go back into the Landsdowe Residence (the one where the man and the woman were arguing about violence) and navigate your way through the halls. Exit the residence on the other side and run to the left. You should see some freight hooks, however i cant remember how many exactly there are. On the last one you should be able to jump onto the bacony of the building with the big skylights. Once on the balcony, turn left and go down the first flight of stairs. Go to the end of the hall (without taking the second stairs), and turn right into the room. In this room, on the right, will be the chest.
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3 years ago#4
Is there any good loot in the chest or is it just a hot dog, cotton candy, 5 bullets, and couple of silver eagles?
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3 years ago#5
There's an infusion, a salt bottle and maybe some cash and a health kit in there.

TC if you're still having trouble have a look at this video:
3 years ago#6
What you do

1- Exit the building the way you came in

2- Walk through the gate and to the ledge

3- look for a freight hook your can grab on to, to your left.

4- From this hook descend into the home right ahead of you, might need to aim a little to your right

5- go to the room
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