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2 years ago#1
I've played through the Hall of Heroes 4 times now and this will be my 5th. The game says it's autosaving. I know my hard drive is in all the way. But the game doesn't seem to be saving during or after the Hall of Heroes.
2 years ago#2
Any chance you played the chapter before while your Xbox was connected, and now playing it again offline? If so, then you should know that the game's stupid save system relies on the actual date and time, to determine whether to overwrite a save file or not.
2 years ago#3
See, this is something that I couldn't stand about this game: the save features.

Why did they take out the ability to actually save the game? It worked wonderfully in the first 2 games! I mean, I would have accepted specific save points (like if you had to save at a fountain or something). But no, we're forced to rely on a faulty autosave system.

The worst part: people act like I'm whining when I consider this a legitimate complaint!
2 years ago#4
^I think that might have originally been the plan. There are a lot of conveniently placed open books in hard to miss areas, much like the one used to save in Clash in The Clouds. I assume they either didn't have time or decided to scrap that along with a lot of things they either didn't have time to implement or decided wasn't important enough.
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