I really wish they didn't try to link both games. SPOILERS through bas2

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I thought how they linked the two games together was clever, but I was disappointed at least one of the DLC'S wasn't dedicated to answering questions from Infinite, or at least traveling back to Columbia for a while. Sure, you go to Columbia in BAS2, for a whopping 15 minutes or so, then back to Rapture.

All in all I love the Bioshock series. Hell, even Bioshock 2 is alright in my book, but the DLC's were very "meh."

I'm curious. What questions from infinite weren't answered?

Who Songbird is? (I think)
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Who Songbird is? (I think)

Basically was answered in Episode 2:

Booker: "Is it human?"
Elizabeth: "Does it matter?"

Answer: it doesn't matter. The tragic creature it was turned into is what matters.
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