Blind Playthrough 100%?

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2 years ago#1
So i started a blind playthrough on hard. Im just wondering if there is any missable things like weapon upgrades or plasmids. Im also trying to get all the audio diaries on my first playthrough. So far im playing it really slow checking every nook and cranny. Maybe some of you guys would like to watch and criticize my gameplay. any tips would be cool.

Here is the playlist if you want follow along -
2 years ago#2
I notice using your salts on vending machines is not worth it and the turrets is kind of hard to deal with without using so much resources.
2 years ago#3
Using salts on vending machines becomes a bit more worth it once you get a certain upgrade to the vigor.

As for Turrets, you can Possess them, but that's mostly just useful when there are other enemies around for it to fight. They are supposed to be tough enemies at this point, but once you get some weapon upgrades they are easy enough to eliminate
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2 years ago#4
Protip: The first Possession upgrade is cheap for a reason. It's especially useful against the armoured soldiers wielding the grenade or rocket launchers.
2 years ago#5
So i just beat the game but i cant remember any of the characters, maybe only Slate and Daisy Fink or whatever. i gotta play it again and i think i wasted money on vigors i hardly used. I might do a sniper only playthrough after all the DLC.

Solid game.
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