I need help help with the *SPOILER* Airship fight..I can't beat it :(

#1GevaudenPosted 4/6/2013 11:18:14 PM
I have been playing on hard this whole time and bam I can't pass it so I lowered it to normal...still can't then easy I failed even faster.

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#2foolm0r0nPosted 4/6/2013 11:59:31 PM
Kill the zeppelins as quickly as possible. Use the bird to kill the patriots instead of the zeppelins since it has a much shorter cooldown. While the bird is killing stuff just zip up and jump on the zeppelin wings yourself and run through as fast as you can and destroy the zeppelin and run back.
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#3CloudZ1116Posted 4/7/2013 2:21:32 AM
Try planting some Return to Sender traps around the power core. I read somewhere that this will protect it from bullets. I just tried this on 1999 mode, and it did seem to make the fight a lot easier.
#4Rpg AddictPosted 4/7/2013 6:43:26 AM
foolm0r0n posted...
Kill the zeppelins as quickly as possible. Use the bird to kill the patriots instead of the zeppelins since it has a much shorter cooldown. While the bird is killing stuff just zip up and jump on the zeppelin wings yourself and run through as fast as you can and destroy the zeppelin and run back.

Is it possible to get on the Zeppelins? I never even considered it, I just used Songbird to get them. I had a hell of a hard time the first time, but my second time through I didn't have any problem doing this because I adjusted my strategy. If it's possible, I'll definitely have to give it a shot sometime.
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#5VintageGinPosted 4/7/2013 8:01:55 AM(edited)
Shock Jockey the patriots and just unload on their gears. Don't worry too much about taking fire from them, as they pretty much ignore you. Upgraded Shock Jockey is particularly nice for this. Undertow or Bucking Bronco + a few shots will send the rocket guys off the edge pretty easily, which is nice since they tend to be bullet sponges.
#6Sylus2015Posted 4/7/2013 10:31:07 AM
-Crows, with the proper upgrade, can give you an infinite series of traps to constantly keep the incoming hoards stunned.

-Using Return to Sender as a trap to guard the core is clever and would definitely work.

-While personally sabotaging the zeppelins is possible, I've found that being away from the core for that amount of time is not ideal, so I would advise using Songbird on them because you can handle anything on the ground (just know where your resources are and don't be afraid to use dropped weapons).

-Use Possession against Rockets. It will save you so much ammo and/or salt in the long run even if they only end up killing themselves.

With those in mind, I just rocked Shock Jockey along with the above points and the defend section was easy even on 1999.
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#7eklypzePosted 4/8/2013 3:25:03 AM
What u do is wait to kill the last guy until the bird recharges. U flank the Presidents and shock then while shooting them in the back. To my surprise RPG suck against the presidents if u can freely shoot them in the back.

So my priorities were to take out gun ships first, if I had to use song bird on a zeplin then I would just use rpgs on the gunships. Then I would take out the Rocket guys, the easiest way to kill them is to undertow them of the map. Then I would focus the presidents, flank them from behind with chain shock and what ever gun I had. Then I would finish off the rest of the infantry, I would make sure song bird has recharged before I killed the last guy. Beat 1999 this way
#8MaxCHEATER64Posted 4/8/2013 3:57:52 AM
Use the Bird to kill the stuff in the sky, because the stuff on your airship isn't that hard.

If you're having trouble with the patriots, just know that they always, no matter what, face the core. That means that you can just walk up behind them and shoot them in the back until they die.

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#9randomoafPosted 4/8/2013 6:24:12 AM
I had a lot of trouble with this as well. Took me an hour and a half to beat it. Anyways this is how I finally did it:

Before the Zeppelins show up, you want to use Songbird to take down gunships as early as possible, sometimes it's not entirely possible but it's okay.

Prioritize Songbird on the gunships that have missile launchers. If Songbird is on cooldown, you have to shoot with guns. Carbine is the best for this as you can do it full screen. The sniper rifle MIGHT be good for this although I haven't tried. I did try the RPGs and it sucked big time.

Use the zip lines to get a birds eye view and to get to enemies quickly.

You want to carry a Shotgun (upgraded preferably) and if you have one, a Carbine is great as well for picking off the little guys. Shotguns are located near the control center, they're hanging on a rack.

Once you run out of Carbine ammo, the enemies carry a Burst Gun I think, which is okay but you want to make sure you have enough shotgun shells for the second phase of the fight (the zeppelins).

When you get to the Zeppelins, the priority will be the zeppelins, use Songbird on the zeps every time it's up. Do not blow a cooldown on the Patriots.

As for the patriots, you want to use Undertow. First you may ask, why not Shock Jockey? Well, Undertow actually has the same effect, however it deals more damage than Shock Jockey. You shoot them with Undertow, stay behind them and blast them with Shotgun shells and they will go down easy. Again, you want to use the zip lines to reach the Patriots as fast as possible. Remember that they are not intent on killing you (only the core).

During this phase, you'll also get guys with missile launchers. I used two methods to deal with them. Either 1) Shock Jockey + Devil's Kiss trap or 2) Bucking Bronco + Undertow. I think the latter takes more Salts but they both work.
#10FLAWLESSCROWNSPosted 4/8/2013 9:52:09 AM
Any difficulty portion of this game can generally be solved by MORE CROWS.

Seriously, just use crows and Songbird.