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6 years ago#1
I've posted this thread over at VNDB but figure I'll post here too....might as well spread it around. lol

I just finished Remember 11 using the patch build from August 22 posted on the discussion board for the game at TLWiki and I have to say, stellar job guys. Excellent job on the translation and the dialogue. I'm very impressed with the quality of your work and it's not even finished yet! I'm afraid I couldn't wait for the finished build since I've been sitting on my hands for the past six months waiting to play this thing. lol....regardless though, like many other fans, I was somewhat dissatisfied with the ending. There were many questions that were left unanswered, I'm thinking due to KID's failure to wrap the game up the way they wanted. I appreciated how they tacked on some resolution in Satoru's epilogue but it just raised a new question about Satoru's true identity, not to mention some lingering problems from earlier. There's a lot to be addressed with this game so I won't try to condense it down but I will go through things one paragraph at a time, since the game gets pretty dicey.

I've pretty much figured out that he and Enomoto are using each other's names, judging from the "Yukidoh's Failed Plan" ending, but I'm still left with a lot of "how"s and "why"s. Here's what I think is going on...so this private company is developing quantum teleportation technology and decides to select three separate sites in order to test its application. They pick Mount Akabara, Aosagi Island, and a small village in central Japan. The selection of these locations seems arbitrary though....Aosagi Island I can understand since it is being used to house people with psychological problems, so the effect of such a transfer on them would be scientifically interesting. But what about the other two choices? Is there any particular reason why they were selected, and not somewhere else?

We've established that Utsumi' s unborn children are the third personailities that inhabit Kokoru, Satoru, and Keiko after each rotation, so where were they? They should have been in that building somewhere, or am I misunderstanding this? Satoru goes there in his route he doesn't find a village but a small building with a past(?) version of himself together with Enomoto(?). Except Satoru is Enomoto and Enomoto is Satoru...does this mean that the dark haired guy is the real Satoru? We actually don't know who the guy was that climbed the clock tower at the game's opening, so he could have assumed Satoru's identity after falling down. Is this similar to Ever 17, where he undergoes some kind of crisis and switches identities? That would explain his swiss cheese memory, and why he only remembers specific facts that relate to Satoru.....but only those facts relevant to events in the story. Does this tie in with the details of the "memory transplant" TIP?

And another question: the shadow....the person who pushed Satoru(?) off the clock tower....I don't believe it's the same person who tried to kill him later. We can't say for sure exactly what time the time jumps started in relation to those events....I remember it being mentioned that the first time jump started several hours earlier than they expected, but the characters hadn't entered the circle yet, so there's no way the shadow on the clock tower could have been any of them. This leaves two candidates....Enomoto(?), from the basement, and 2012 Yuni, who specifically intended to be there. We know at that point Satoru(?) was still on board with Enomoto(?)'s plan, since he was going on about David and Saul and the javelin, just like the pair did in the basement of the third area, so there's no reason Enomoto(?) would try to kill him. My theory is that it was actually Yuni (the 2012 Yuni) who climbed the tower and pushed Satoru(?) off, in order to set the events of the game in motion.
6 years ago#2
This caused Satoru(?) to suffer from amnesia and became his motivation for solving the mystery of the time jumps. Otherwise, pre-amnesia Satoru(?) would have followed through with whatever plans he made. Yuni himself did say he prepared a lot for the time shifts and had to be very careful to do everything right. I believe he pushed Satoru(?) from the tower, his way outside the circle, waited for the transfer, then went back in and led the crash survivors to the cabin.

However, even assuming I'm half-right with this, it still doesn't explain who kept trying to kill Satoru(?) during his time at SPHIA. I believe it was Itsubushi Keiko, since her personality had returned at this point to her original body, and she is a serial killer so it fits her normal behavior.

Here's another question, one that I've wrestled with since the beginning of the game....why do you die if you don't take those sleeping pills? It would make sense that, to fight off an attacker, you'd need to be more alert and better able to react. I didn't have a good explanation until right near the end.....after Kokoru leaves Satoru(?)'s body in the bathtub, we assume Satoru(?) returns and tries to fight off his attacker, and his success depends on those pills. Well, after reviewing the video tapes later on, Satoru(?) realizes it was Keiko in his room but she never entered the bathroom.

I believe at this point one of the twins' personalities entered his body.
The infant's personality was not aware of its surroundings, but only that it was in a mass of wet and warmth, similar to its feeling in the womb, so it huddled down in the water to return to that. Unfortunately, this was a bathtub, not a womb, so it ends up drowning. This happens if you do NOT take the pills, since Satoru(?)'s body is alert and aware enough to carry out this action. However, if you do take the pills, I'm thinking that his response time was much slower, so he wasn't able to execute his actions as well. This gave Satoru(?) time enough to return to his body and get out of the water before he fully drowned. This is my theory at least.

Additionally, I've read that the PSP version was developed with two additional endings that go on to give the game the resolution it deserves, but I have no idea what happens in them. Anyone else happen to be better informed?

I don't mean this to be a braindump but there's a lot of plot elements that have gone unexplained and I'm the kind of person who likes to have these things resolved....the final release of the patch will be coming out soon, and I'm sure there are other players out there who have similar concerns to mine, so this is a good opportunity to start a discussion and get some theories going. Ciao!
6 years ago#3
The "Third Area" isn't a past version of himself, it's a parallel universe pocket dimension. Presumably it rotates between every single universe in which Satoru is conducting the experiments for the purpose of monitoring them all sequentially.
They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say 'Nice Try'. ~ Lezard Valeth
6 years ago#4
Another thing worth noting is that it's not set in stone that the twins are in the loop with them, it's simply a supported theory. It's also one I disagree with, as it doesn't explain the behavior of the characters when personality X is in control. Children don't have the physical aptitude for killing someone like Yukidoh's body did while laughing. Plus there's the matter of them not being present in the transfer zones.

I find it more likely that it was Inubushi Keiko's personality cut loose from her body by dying mid-timeshift. Her behavior more matches the psychotic and sadistic persona displayed by the characters when they were under the influence of Personality X, and it's quite plausible for her personality to be floating around exchanging with her own body, Satoru's and Kokoro's, and the "Red Dreams" could be explained by representing a peaceful state of death(remember that when Kokoro asked Hotori what it was like when she was displaced she mentioned it was "Cold" and "Alone", so clearly Keiko herself was still in the swap loop or there'd be no personality discrepancy for her body that late in the story(By then Hotori's corpse would have been long deceased).
They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say 'Nice Try'. ~ Lezard Valeth
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