Why did Tali die in my suicide mission?

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5 years ago#1
First off I need to point out with emphasis that Tali was LOYAL, I had ALL upgrades and she was levelled up to maximum.

Yet for the assignment where you have to select someone to go through the tubed ventilation tunnel to hack open the door, I selected Tali for the job, but she died in the cutscene where she meets up with Shepherd and the assault team at the door. I don't understand why she died? She was a Tech expert yes? which was the primary criteria needed for the task. On my first playthrough I selected Legion and he succeeded. Yet this time Tali dies? She is a Tech expert yes?
5 years ago#2
Are you positive she was loyal? After you've done both Tali's and Legion's loyalty mission they have an argument like Miranda and Jack has. If you weren't able to pick one of the charm/intimidate options to resolve it, you lost one of their loyalties.
5 years ago#3
Depends on who you select for your assault team.

if you don't select Miranda/Jacob/Garrus to lead strike team 1, the inexperienced leader WILL get your tech expert killed, however good they are at hacking the door.

The strike team leader never dies. Only the tech expert.
5 years ago#4

Yes I am absolutely positive that she was loyal ...and concerning that argument with Legion I already had my Renegade bar right at the top and resolved the argument by telling them to ''Knock it off'.
5 years ago#5

Thanks for the info. That explains it. I selected Zaeed as the assault team leader.
5 years ago#6
Yeah, Zaeed's a great survivor, but every time he's put in charge of a group, he pretty much loses everyone.
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5 years ago#7
I never chose Zaeed as leader because if you listen to his stories he really never showed any type of leadership. But he is a great soldier.
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5 years ago#8
Use Garrus, Jacob or Miranda as squad leaders.
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5 years ago#9
Is it possible for everyone to survive?
5 years ago#10
If it wasn't, there wouldn't be a trophy for it.
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