ME imports and paragon/renegade points

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i dont know if this has been tackled before, but i searched and couldnt find it... anyways here goes:

I read somewhere that every time you visit a new area the game calculates how much paragon/renegade points are available in total and divide with what you have already got...

Now there are a lot of characters that i couldnt find either because i didnt import my game from ME 1(non avialable on ps) or because i decidded to kill the bug queen in the animation before the game!

*** minor spoiler***

So my question is assuming i decided to kill the bug queen there is a character that you encounter on illium in case you decided to save the queen and there is a 2 pragaon and 2 renegade result... will i be penalized for killing the queen or will the game simply not calculate those cuz they werent avialable in the first place!




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ME1 choices dont count for ME2 for renegade/paragon points.
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Yeah that happened to me the other day... in my first game the Rachni is dead, in my second i let her live... but i really think that those points when she lives are like bonus points and they dont really count against you, but as i said as a bonus. If you didnt let her live, the Asari is just not there, cause the Rachni wasnt able to save her... i think that is all... It is too bad that PS3 owners just losse the oportunity for some points and some minor missions... like the Conrad Verner one and the other girl Parisini?? yeah i would have liked to do those minor missions too... and i would just have loved to see Conrad on Illium on my game... LOL!
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