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So is 'Arrival' worth the money? Also, chance of a ME3 complete edition? (Archived)David8000851/15/2014
Mass effect 2 ultimate edition question. (Archived)cgoodbread2421/13/2014
Stupid question but... (new game plus) (Archived)huynh2er21/12/2014
Cannot import character to ME2. Help please (Archived)chachi125321/12/2014
Wtf is going on with my game? It won't install. (Archived)Noname8141/9/2014
Where can I find a good resource guide? (Archived)Tyreal41/6/2014
Can't stop playing this series! (Archived)
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Not sure if its a glitch or not but (Archived)aybarra92112/31/2013
Too late to get Kelly Chambers to feed my fish? (Archived)AzureVergil412/30/2013
That's horse s****. I had max loyalty on everyone etc. and still 2 people died. (Archived)_wwKd_612/30/2013
Now I remember what I hated about this game. (Archived)181stCommander712/30/2013
infinite loading screen after character creation (Archived)banjokablooie412/29/2013
Mass Effect Trilogy (Archived)RE_master916212/26/2013
Choosing Armor Pieces for Each Class (Archived)Sinner2501112/24/2013
Forced Missions (spoilers) (Archived)Sinner2501312/23/2013
Insanity run and role playing (Spoilers) (Archived)Helo_Pilot412/22/2013
Cerberus Pack For Preowned (Archived)GoodOldLimbo212/13/2013
Suggested Mission Order Guide (some spoilers) (Archived)LordTrinen612/3/2013
Female Shepard or Male Shepard (Archived)
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Any new creatures used from Mass effect 1? (Archived)blackhrt211/24/2013
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