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So I realize that you can play all the campaigns in any order and mix and match from different campaigns, so long as you've finished the preceding scenario within that campaign. It's pretty clear though that there is a logical order to the whole thing as far as the plot goes. In fact, it seems like a lot of events in certain campaigns' first scenario don't make sense without having seen other cutscenes. I thought we could try to come up with a "preferred" order to play the game in order to see the story chronologically, for those who are interested in playing the story in order.

I haven't marked the topic for spoilers so that new players can see the order without being spoiled, so if you're going to discuss WHY certain scenarios should go in a certain order, mark your post for spoilers.

I'll start off with what I know thus far (I'm not very far in)

Slava 1
Slava 2
Santor 1
Irina 1
Anton 1
Anastasya 1
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I thought quite a few of them (if not all) go in paralel...

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From the official forums,

- Heart of Nightmares (Collectors' edition map)
- Prologue 1
- Prologue 2
- Stronghold 1
- Sanctuary 1
- Inferno 1
- Haven 1
- Necropolis 1
- Stronghold 2
- Sanctuary 2
- Haven 2
- Necropolis 2
- Sanctuary 3
- Stronghold 3
- Inferno 2
- Necropolis 3
- Inferno 3
- Sanctuary 4
- Stronghold 4
- Haven 3
- Necropolis 4
- Haven 4
- Inferno 4
- Epilogues
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@MxM: That is what I thought too, and that might be true later on, but the first scenario of each campaign clearly happens in succession. The first scenario in Sandor's explains how Irina got to where she is in her first scene in her campaign. Both of those scenes happen prior to Anton 1, where those events are discussed as having just happened (and Sandor and Irina show no knowledge of what happens in Anton 1, referring to a certain individual in the present tense). Annastasya's first scenario happens after Anton's first also, because she isn't a necromancer yet during the events of Anton's scenario.
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@vaynark: Thanks! Odd about Inferno 1 though because the Inferno hero is clearly still human at the beginning of Haven 1
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You're welcome. Haven't played Haven 1 yet, but I took a quick peek at the opening scene. Can't tell for sure, but maybe that's Anton not Kiril?
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I'm doing them the first time in the order of how much I like them.

Inferno (I like them the least)




Sanctuary (I like them the most)

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@vaynark: Actually, it's not in the opening, it's in the second scene in that map (a few weeks in) Both characters appear and speak, so they're both definitely there. It's probably just a mistake on the original poster's part. Not a big deal