Why is this game playable for people with trash pcs?

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5 years ago#11
It could be because its the beta. If not you could always up the card.
5 years ago#12

to anyone who think their PC is the problem look no further than this:

my specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 OC'd to 4.8GHz



and mine lags. its the beta, pure and simple.

5 years ago#13
It's not the Beta. An its probably not even your computer unless your playing against AI only an still lagging. If your playing multiplayer an its lagging its entirely possible its someone else in the match with a terrible PC doing it. It's due to the way they use peer to peer hosting or something. All I know is the system they have set up for booting people is terrible an doesn't solve the problem well enough. IMO people don't pass a certain framerate test should not be allowed to play online until they do.
5 years ago#14
Keep in mind it could be your internet connection

For example I could play DoW2 and CR offline on ultra no problem but it would still lag online.
E8500@3.7ghz, GTX 470 SLI, 8 GB OCZ Plat1066, Win7 Ult x64
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5 years ago#15

From: Lord Blade | #002
I keep having the game pause as they try to catch up. Eventually dropping them.

man this is why i really despise people with bad rigs who play this game. one match during the beta my game would stutter every second just about, and i'd get constant alerts that the other guy needs to turn down his settings. about 10 minutes in the lag was getting to me so i asked the guy if he was lagging as well (after constant alerts telling me he was running his game too high) and he replied with "oh nothing too bad". I guess that sort of lag is normal for him but it slowed the entire game down to a point where it just wasn't fun to play anymore even though I was winning, ( waiting for his victory points to tick down ever so slowly while he kept pumping out new units , it was like playing the game in slow motion only with delayed inputs that sometimes wouldn't even register) this game is quite the pain in the ass to play with constant lag.
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5 years ago#16

well in online games you can tell the difference between network lag and game lag. network lag just freezes the game but still able to scroll around with no noticable jutting or skips in music track.

game lag is when everything just trips.the.hell.out.

i get both of these. and its not my connection since every game i own runs beautifully online, other players permitting.

and tbh, if the beta didnt have performance issues i would be really surprised. playing the Black Prophecy beta at the minute and it has a fair few issues with more things that just framerate. the retribution "beta" is more like a multiplayer demo of a finished game than any beta.

5 years ago#17
What settings are you and that GTS 250 running the game on online?
E8500@3.7ghz, GTX 470 SLI, 8 GB OCZ Plat1066, Win7 Ult x64
Gamertag:TheRoyalKnight PSN:TheRoyalKnight88
5 years ago#18

stock, ive tried OC'ing it but it doesnt like BIOS OC as it more often than not becomes completely unstable (might be my motherboard, but its kinda confusing) and if i use the Firestorm utility that zotac provides it does very little other than make the card 2 degrees hotter with very little rise in performance.

so its stock, 780MHz Engine, 2.4GHz mem, 1.9GHz shader.

and if you're going where i think you're going with this, no. it runs DOW2 and CR on ultra 1920x1080 full AA and is smooth as silky silk.

i also have a few friends in the beta as well with similar or even better builds than mine and they get noticable pauses (cant say anything about thier connections, so it could be either for them)

5 years ago#19

double post, did'nt see two things in seperate posts.

first, i looked up on the architecture that Retribution uses and it does indeed use peer to peer, of a sorts anyway.

so it could be contributed to other players have less than stable connections. but it still doesnt explain the 2 main performance issues ive been getting:

1) about a 10 second stasis at the start of every single game. i can still look around, select units and issue orders but nothing moves, not even the terrain. friends have also stated that this happens every time without fail.

2) small stutters during the games, ranging from a half second stasis to at least 20 seconds of butchered framerates and stasis in one go.

i did until last patch have the issue of waiting so long in the end game lobby that i could make tea in the time it took to unstick itself. but they fixed it so good job to relic on that one.

tbh, all my negatives about the multiplayer are pretty much rendered moot since i rarely play the DoW2 multiplayers since i find relic's insistance to keep things unbalanced quite irritating. i mostly play last stand since i like the character progression and different tactics for one.

secondly, when i say it runs smooth, thats both online and offline.

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