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6 years ago#1

If there is another expansion (a very remote change IMO) I think Necrons would be the best race to add. So I drew up an outline. Tell my what you think. I might post it over at relic's forum.

Necron Lord

all necrons slowly regenerate health and dead necrons have a chance to resurrect at half health to fight again in the presence of other necrons

weapons: staff of light - basic weapon, shoots lightning
better staff of light (insert cool name here)
warscythe - powerful ranged option
heavy gauss canon - replaces staff, only available with destroyer body

Lord Destroyer Body - mounts the lord on a destroyer body, turning him into a powerful vehicle. available at T3
Phylactery - increases health and regeneration
Disruption Field - a % of melee damage taken is directed back at enemy

Nightmare shroud - when used supresses all nearby enemies
Veil of Darkness - teleports the Lord and one nearby selected squad to a location
Resurrection Orb - resurrects nearby necrons at half health costs requisition and energy
Attack Scarabs - Nec Lord is surrounded by a swarm of tiny scarabs that damage and supress nearby enemies, costs power, only available on Destroyer body

'Red' powers

Chronometron - temporarily boosts speed of all units
Lightning Field - all infantry within radius of necron lord emit electricity and deal damage to enemies near them
We'll Be Back - temporarily increases health regeneration and resurrects dead necrons across the map at the cost of a lot of req and red
Solar pulse - blinding flash stuns units in a wide radius and reveals infiltrated units
Summon Pariahs - summons a squad of pariahs at the necron lord's location
Phase Shift - selected squad is phased and takes no damage for a short period.

Warriors, basic ranged unit, 5 models
Scarabs, fast weak but cheap close combat, 10 models
Wraiths, close combat, can infiltrate and uncapture points 2 models

Flayed Ones, elite close combat specialist 4 models
Immortals, Heavy weapon ranged specialists slow but tough, 3 models
Destroyers, fast vehicle but signifigcantly weaker than Heavy Destroyer,anti-infantry, good range 1 model
Heavy Destroyer, heavier destroyer slow and more powerful, tank killer 1 model

Monolith, RAARRGH!
Tomb Spyder, very tough close combat, very slow, uses energy to spawn scarabs

Pariahs, very tough elite infantry, good ranged and cc, summoned by Necron Lord at T3, 4 models

What would make the Necrons unique is that they only have 1 hero. Honestly, I couldn't think of another way to do it well. I thought about having Lord Destroyer and a Pariah as the 2 other heroes but I don't really like that. But the idea is that playing against the Necrons means having to hold back waves of steadily marching automatons, a very army of the undead feeling for a Necron army.

6 years ago#2

God no, DoW became unplayable for me when they released the Necron race for the game. I'm sure they'll do the same thing again, because the Necron race lore doesn't really fit in a game where you need balance. You could explain through lore how the emperium of MAN could beat Tyranids and orks on a planet(not being fully infested yet), but necrons are the bringers of death.

6 years ago#3
If you're going to make an army for fun, for the love of god wait for the Crons to get their updated codex. It's only a couple of months off and if we're lucky actually provide a reasonable amount of HQs, troops, and wargear.
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6 years ago#4
And God knows that the Necrons need a new book pretty desperately. I just hope that that idiot Matt Ward doesn't write the fluff for them. Also, I wouldn't be at all opposed to an overpowered Necrons book - to offset the nonsense that are the Space Wolves and Imperial Guard. Let's face it, the Imperial Guard and Space Wolves are the two most broken armies out there right now -- especially when GW nerfed the Tyranids.
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6 years ago#5
Oh don't worry, GKs will probably end up dethroning both and throwing balance into a vortex of doom if the internet is too be believed.

And I still don't think Nids got nerfed. Just because they aren't as hax as SW or mechstorm IG doesn't make them bad.
Quoth the Lucius: "Oh yea!"
6 years ago#6
I didn't mean to imply that they were broken, read, unplayable, but that GW did hit them with the nerf stick. Case and point, look at how Shadow in the Warp doesn't work anymore. I think that making units inside metal boxes immune to its effects was pretty stupid and pointless.

Again, they're a good army, probably one of the truly balanced books out there right now, which begs the question, why did the Imperial Guard/Space Puppies turn out so broken.
"We're the Imperial fething Guard and it's our lot in life to be fethed."
- Major Rawne, Tanith First-and-Only
6 years ago#7

I'll most likely be hung for this, but I'd rather see Tau and Dark Eldar added before Necron, and in all sincerity, Sisters of Battle.

6 years ago#8
*Readies noose*.

You won't be hanged - yet.

I think that the Dark Eldar would work quite well in DoW2. The Tau... Well, my objections to them are purely fluff based as I think that their background is wildly inappropriate for the Warhammer 40K universe.
"We're the Imperial fething Guard and it's our lot in life to be fethed."
- Major Rawne, Tanith First-and-Only
6 years ago#9
Fluffwise Tau have been properly grimed up to fit. Tau have nicely turned into the Ultra-Orwellian freaks rather than the squeaky clean idealists they used to be. Nice guys until you get to the brainwashing, mind control helms, population castration, and second class nature of inducted species.
Quoth the Lucius: "Oh yea!"
6 years ago#10
ValentineHeart posted...

I'll most likely be hung for this, but I'd rather see Tau and Dark Eldar added before Necron, and in all sincerity, Sisters of Battle.

I dunno how this derailed into a discussion on TT, but whatever.

Tau are starting to sound darker, and that's always a good thing. Dark Eldar could be good, people might complain that they're too much like the regular eldar. And for ValentineHeart, why limit yourself to just SoB? Could it also have Greyknights or Deathwatch, or even arbites? In SS i thought the sisters were a little boring to play. But that may be too much to pack into one race...

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