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Im playing France currently and just conquered the Kingdom of Arragon. Is there a way to consolidate the kingdoms into an Empire title so my new title would be Emperor? Or do you just stay King in both. Was just curious if it was possible. Also has anyone else had problems with their heirs changing about for no apparent reason. I've had several times where my heir passed the tittle only to have it passed right back to him a minute later.

3 years ago#2
No, you will have to reign as King of Aragon and King of France, as there are no dejure empires in the game except for Holy Roman Empire and Byzantine.

Now, it is theoretically be possible for your character to end up as the Emperor of the HRE and have your two kingdoms swear fealty to the empire, but that would be quite the challenge to accomplish.
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There is a mod that lets you create titular Kingdom and Empire titles.
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For the heir thing. Is your succession on open elective?
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3 years ago#5

Its not elective. It suppose to pass to the oldest son and only a daughter if no son is avalible. But somehow it will flipflop around every now an then and finally comeback to the original heir.

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