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4 years ago#1
I recently updated my game to 1.5 and downloaded the the Game of Thrones mod, however, now when I start CK2, it doesn't even have a drop down box or anything. It just says "Select Mods to Play", but no way to select anything.

I could play mods before the update, so it leads me to think that that could be the problem, I'm just not sure.
4 years ago#2
I had this same issue and still can't get it. My folder doesn't even have a mod folder in it
4 years ago#3
It's getting on my nerves. I could do it before, but now I can't.

And it's the one mod that I was actually looking forward to!
4 years ago#4
same here. Idk why there isn't even a mod folder for me in the CK2 folder...
4 years ago#5
I had to play with my permissions in the paradox folder. apparently this is an issue with anyone with 64 bit windows 7 as for whatever reason "Program Folers x86" installs games as "read only".

You might have to mess with your permissions and re-unzip the mod into that folder.

Just google it if permissions are your problem.
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