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3 years ago#1
So I'm thinking of focusing on and socketing crit + life steal anyone spec their fighter build this way? Seems to me this would optimize my damage and healing, but my buddy thinks I should focus on power instead of crit... Any thoughts? I figure high bursts of damage would outperform mediocre consistent damage as Great Weapon Fighters aoe like mad.
3 years ago#2
Bump... Any high lvl GWF in here wanna share some wisdom?
3 years ago#3
Lark_XII posted...
Bump... Any high lvl GWF in here wanna share some wisdom?

Theres a pretty good build here:

Can't say it works out easily AS you level (some powers are only available later on) but so far I'm enjoying it.
3 years ago#4
As a 60 GWF currently gearing up, I can say it's never really easy to level until you hit about level 40. What I found underwhelming was the damage. I tried swapping my abilities around and it was to no avail.

To compensate I built myself a bit more tanky in terms of feats and gear and pulled several dozen mobs together to aoe them down quickly. Wicked Strike is a good skill to set to level 2 just to clear you through the early levels. Past that you'll be going down the indomitable path which hits like a truck, near single target worthy dps is acquired with it.

Finally the guide linked last is definitely worth looking at, I'm built exactly like so, however my gearing priorities are slightly different.

There are of course diminishing returns, a famous player (Kripparrian) identified a rough zone of where different stats taper off, off the top of my head it's something like so:

Crit: ~ 2500 +
Recovery: ~3500+
Power: Near linear scaling
ArP: No idea as for the tapering level, however I believe it scales very well throughout with virtually no hard cap to % reduction. Sadly unless you're planning on soloing ArP becomes of little relevance since most mobs will have their armor shred quite easily by party members.

As far as my build goes gear wise I'm tending to keep a balance between Power and Crit. I do tend to prefer Recovery over ArP because of the following reasons in relation to encounter powers:

- Restoring Strike is a majorly good single target nuke, and should almost always be present. The heal component is no joke either once decently geared. A 15k crit on it can give enough health back to avoid death. Additionally it restores stamina, which means more mobility and generally more safety. This is underestimated by several GWF I've seen. Stamina is king, and our sprint is hellishly good.

- Flourish and your either defensive or offensive third encounter (depending on situation) will always provide some amount of Action Point Gain which will help build up for your Slam Ultimate.

As for ultimate (aka dailies but it sounds wrong anyways since they can be spammed) I only really use Slam for the obvious damage boost in aoe and the avalanche of steel, simply because it's a great defensive ultimate. Halts any dots and poisons upon use and drops with a knockdown nuke which gives you breathing room to further lock them down with flourish/takedown/roar to prolong your life until you can pot.

So once again, Power = Crit (crit tapers sooner so eventually you'll let it go at about 2.5k)
Recovery I'd push to about 3k as well, once hit I'll just stack Power since I feel that's the most interesting stat beyond that.
3 years ago#5
Thanks for the responses but a little late lol I've figured it out pretty much I'm lvl 57 now a few more pvp fights for the last 2 pieces of my pvp gear will get me to 60 ive got a good build that I enjoy for both pvp and pve.
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