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User Info: Prophet08

3 years ago#1
A world dark and cursed, a demon-infested plane deafened with the screams of tainted souls. They say its between oblivion and one's dark imagination. By the magic of online gaming, i am transported to this wretched universe in the guise of a creation of mine armed only with her wit, cunning, and thieving skills, a Trickster Rogue, Thia Loreweaver:

User Info: dillyandkrunk

3 years ago#2

User Info: staticxmi

3 years ago#3
protozero666: It's a shame people like Chad Kroeger are as good as or even better than Hendrix now :(

User Info: Vertanius

3 years ago#4
This is awkward...
GT1: Veyrt
GT2: Vertanius

User Info: dragonslayr09

3 years ago#5
cool thief.
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